Terms and Conditions:

This is an agreement between StoreSignPros (for the purposes of this agreement “we” or “the company”) and “You”, the purchaser of our products and services. By signing this agreement you understand that:

1. It is your responsibility to make sure that all products purchased from StoreSignPros are in compliance with all regulations where the sign will be posted. This includes but is not limited to landlord restrictions, city, county, and state codes and all other conditions that may affect the proper and legal posting of the sign or signs purchased from StoreSignPros.
2. All products are quality tested by StoreSignPros before being shipped or delivered. Upon completion of your order and before shipping, upon your request, we agree to send you pictures of your sign working in the on and off positions. No less than 5 photos will be sent for your approval before shipping. After final approval and receipt of final payment, your order will be shipped within 2 business days.
3. It is your responsibility to engage the services of a licensed professional to ensure all signs and products are properly installed. You agree to hold StoreSignPros harmless in the event a sign is damaged during installation.
4. StoreSignPros is not responsible for damage that may result during shipping including but not limited to: broken neon, burnt LED’s, burnt transformers or power supplies or damaged letters. We will file any insurance claims with the Freight company used to fix damage created during shipping. Shipment must be opened and inspected with shipping company on site to ensure claim.


StoreSignPros Manufacturing Agreement

I understand that by making this purchase of the sign described in the accompanying invoice (the “Product”) through StoreSignPros, it is my responsibility to ensure that all applicable federal, state and local laws, ordinances and rules of the jurisdiction in which the Product is to be installed, are met, including, but not limited to: pulling all necessary permits and submitting to all required inspections.

I further understand that:

All dimensions of the Product shall be within 1.5″ of exact specifications; StoreSignPros will quality test and Take pictures of the Product before shipping the Product, and that the Product may not ship until I approve it upon seeing the pictures, and that I may request additional pictures before approving the shipment; StoreSignPros is an assembler of parts and materials and not the original manufacturer of any parts or materials, and as such is not liable for any failures of the parts and materials including, but not limited to: broken neon or LEDs, burnt transformers or power supplies, damaged lettering, etc., nor any damage which may result from the Product, but that I may rely on the warranties provided by the original manufacturer(s) of the parts and materials; Any  certifications included with the Product are void if the Product is not properly installed by a professional who is properly licensed in the jurisdiction in which the Product is installed, and that proof of licensed installation may be required by the manufacturer should I wish to make a claim against the manufacturer’s warranty; and StoreSignPros may use any photographs, schematics or other video or audio representations of the Product in any manner for its own promotional purposes, including, but not limited to: posting photos or other representations of the Product on the StoreSignPros website, or videotaping the Product or its assembly and posting it to the StoreSignPros website or any video- sharing website.

Should any problems arise with the Product, StoreSignPros will work with me to see that such problems are taken care of; however, I hereby hold harmless, defend and indemnify StoreSignPros, its employees, contractors and Management, from any and all claims arising out of the shipment and installation of the Product and/or the performance Of the parts and materials, as the shipment and installation Of the Product are the responsibility of the shipper and installer, respectively, and the performance of the parts and materials are the responsibility of the manufacturers of such parts and materials. StoreSignPros’ only responsibility is for the proper assembly of the original parts,



The product shall be shipped out within 2 business days of completion. I understand all the information provided in this paperwork.